The Laboratory of Auditory Computation & Neurophysiology

Dr. Zhou received a R01 award from NIH-NIDCD on “CRCNS: Visual Modulation of Panoramic Auditory Spatial Processing.” Award period 07/01/2020 ~ 06/30/2024.

Dr. Zhou received a Seed Grant from ASU Institute for Social Science Research on "Towards an understanding of the neural basis of communication sound perception." Award period 07/01/2020 ~ 06/30/2021.

Dr. Zhou received an award from NSF-BCS on “Collaborative Research: Neural-cognitive analysis of spatial scenes with competing, dynamic sound sources.” Award period 08/31/15 ~ 09/01/2019. 

October, 2015 - Christopher presented his poster “Interactions Between Visual Capture and Front-Back Confusions in Sound Localization.” at the 45th annual meeting of SFN, Chicago. 

Feburary, 2015 - Swarnima presented her poster “A Method to Detect and Analyze Head Movements of Marmosets in Response to Auditory Stimuli.” at the 38th Midwinter Meeting of ARO.

Feburary, 2015 - Christopher presented his poster “Investigating Compensatory Mechanisms For Sound Localization: Visual Cue Integration and the Precedence Effect.” at the 38th Midwinter Meeting of ARO.

Feburary, 2014 - Sravanthi and Yi gave a podium presentation on their work “A modeling study of dynamic response patterns of cortical neurons during fast head turns of marmoset monkeys.” at the 38th Midwinter Meeting of ARO.

We are seeking to work with individuals, who are inspired by neuroscience and would like to study the neural basis of auditory perception and effects of hearing impairment on multisensory perception. For volunteer and research assistant positions, please contact Attach your CV.